Leadership coaching

Leadership Coaching

If you are considering leadership coaching, then you are not alone. It is well known that most organisations use coaching to develop their high potential employees as they know that they get a significant return on their investment. People Development Magazine 2019

So what is it? Put simply, leadership coaching consists of a series of 1:1 conversations between the coach and the individual, during which the coach can help the individual to think differently, challenge their beliefs and assumptions, and also offer advice and guidance to achieve professional and sometimes personal goals.

Leadership coaching can cover a wide variety of topics. Some leaders may seek a coach when they are appointed to a new high-level position. Others may seek coaching to help them improve business performance, their work life balance, stress management, communication skills, relationships, team performance and more.

So, what are the benefits? For one leadership coaching provides a safe confidential space to share worries and concerns, to get honest useful feedback and for the coach to be an effective sounding board. The coaching also provides accountability and support in helping you to achieve your goals. The coach has a wealth of experience and expertise which can quickly help you see the root cause of your challenges and how best to deal with them.

"Phil's coaching has definitely helped me to transform the Northern Line from our worst to our best performing tube line. It has shown a clear return on investment of 623% in one month alone!"
Lee Jones Northern Line Infrastructure Manager Tube Lines

"Phil has been incredibly effective in helping me to understand both my true self and also start to achieve my real potential as a business leader."
Martin Brown Head of Engineering Airbus UK

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