Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching

What is Personal Coaching?

Personal Coaching is for non-corporate / private fee paying folks.

The coaching is 100% confidential. As your coach I work with you to create profound change. We work on whatever you want, you  choose the agenda.

"I was a little sceptical about coaching to start with and wasn't sure what to expect, however it has made a massive difference to my life. I am now in control and have a much better work life balance".

"Phil helped me to manage my fears and challenge my beliefs. I am now much more self-confident and getting loads of positive feedback about the new me!"

Coaching is a process based on deep listening and asking powerful questions to make you think, and to challenge your beliefs and assumptions. Coaching helps you set goals, take on new challenges, and support you to make real commitments for change. I am not here to give you advice, but to support and guide you to your own discoveries. My role is also to encourage you to ensure that you achieve your desired goals.

I am an International Coaching Federation professionally qualified coach (the gold standard in the coaching world) with over 25yrs experience coaching people all over the globe.

How does it work?

The coaching can be face to face, telephone or via the internet, for approximately 50minutes

It is usual to meet face to face first, but not essential; with subsequent sessions over the  phone or internet.

In the first session we usually confirm confidentiality, agree how we are going to work together, clarify what you want to achieve and then start working towards your goals. 

How much does it cost?

INDIVIDUAL COACHING SESSION £65 EACH - Fine for one off simple challenges, as and when you need it.

PACKAGE OF SIX COACHING SESSIONS £350 - I encourage this as the minimum number of sessions to make progress on tougher challenges. We will have the sessions once a week or fortnight depending on your preference and how quickly you want to make change happen.

The best way to understand how coaching can help you  is to try a free 30 mins sample session. Please call or mail to arrange

 T. 0044 (0) 7866 769087