Challenging skills

Challenging skills

Giving your managers the belief, skills and confidence to challenge under-performance and close performance gaps whilst building positive relationships.

"The programme has given our line managers the skills and confidence to challenge poor performance at all levels in the business triggering an explosion of performance related discussions" Sally Ann Brookes, HR Manager Unilever.

Managers frequently perceive gaps between an individual`s current performance and what they need to be doing. In these situations, the performer often shows little or no ownership, acceptance or desire to close the gap. Managers typically avoid having these `difficult` conversations for fear of the emotional reaction and ultimately of damaging the relationship. After this programme managers will have the skills and confidence to be able to constructively challenge individuals, build the working relationship, and produce dramatic turnarounds in performance.

Programme Content

  • Business case for challenging under performers
  • Objectives of challenging
  • Differences between challenging, criticism and feedback
  • Models and skills for effective challenging
  • Effective questioning and listening which support challenging
  • Practice of the skills using participants own real work challenge scenarios
  • Developing genuine commitment to change and development
  • Feedback that makes a difference
  • Self-awareness and self-management

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